Saturday, March 5, 2016

Episode 38, Christianity

Christianity is the world's largest religion with over 2 Billion professing believers.  Christianity developed from the Jewish faith, with Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, being identified as the Messiah of the World. 

Christianity spread rapidly, ultimately becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire, in addition to spreading into the Eastern Hemisphere.  This made Christianity global, as it spread to all continents. 

Christianity has three major divisions, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant.  In this podcast, these movements and the essential beliefs of Evangelical Christianity are discussed, along with points of contrast and comparison between biblical concepts and the teachings of other religions. 

The conclusion is that, contrary to popular belief, Christianity does not teach the same thing as other religions and that the different religions communicate completely different concepts of God that force people to decide which, if any, faith is true and should be followed.







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Episode 37, Islam

Islam is a religion with, according to some, up to 1.6 Billion followers worldwide.  It is a faith that arose from the Saudi Arabia, but grew throughout Arabia, into broader Asia, Europe, and Africa, then beyond.

The history of Islam is complex.  The Quran documents the development of Islamic thought and the Hadiths provide additional information about Muhammad and his life.  Those have given rise to an enormous religion comprised of both peace-loving people and, in some areas, large percentages of extremists. 

Islam and Muslims sometimes confuse and confound people of other faiths, and this session was created to help inform people of what Islam teaches, while contrasting Muslim beliefs with the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Below you will find a slide deck.  It's provided to help you better understand this podcast by allowing you to manually flip through the slides while listening to the lesson.


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Friday, March 4, 2016

Episode 36, Buddhism

Buddhism is a world religion having hundreds of millions of adherents worldwide.  Traces of Buddhist beliefs are known by many, yet much of the religion remains a mystery to many in the Western Hemisphere. 

Many wonder, what are the teachings of the Buddha? What is the Buddhist view of life and destiny?  What is reincarnation and nirvana?  What practices are a part of Buddhist living? 

In this important series, learn more about the essence of Buddhist teachings while contrasting it with comparable views in the Christian faith.  Then share it with someone else who might want to learn more. 


Download this accompanying slide deck at:

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