Saturday, March 5, 2016

Episode 37, Islam

Islam is a religion with, according to some, up to 1.6 Billion followers worldwide.  It is a faith that arose from the Saudi Arabia, but grew throughout Arabia, into broader Asia, Europe, and Africa, then beyond.

The history of Islam is complex.  The Quran documents the development of Islamic thought and the Hadiths provide additional information about Muhammad and his life.  Those have given rise to an enormous religion comprised of both peace-loving people and, in some areas, large percentages of extremists. 

Islam and Muslims sometimes confuse and confound people of other faiths, and this session was created to help inform people of what Islam teaches, while contrasting Muslim beliefs with the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Below you will find a slide deck.  It's provided to help you better understand this podcast by allowing you to manually flip through the slides while listening to the lesson.


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